Top 3 Restaurants In Los Angeles To Bring Friends

Alex Atkind dinner with friends

Los Angeles may be known as the home for celebrity attractions and enjoyable weather, however, there is more to appreciate in this cinematic atmosphere. Los Angeles has a ton of restaurants that you could enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner with friends. So, if you have friends or family that are making trips out to Los Angeles, here is a guide to the top three restaurants.


1) Son Of a Gun Restaurant

If your friends have a love for seafood, then you should blow their taste buds away at this restaurant. Chef Jon Shook and Chef Vinny Dotolo show off their expertise in the kitchen, with their fantastic shrimp toast and lobster roll. Despite, this restaurant specializing in seafood, it’s also well known for its fried chicken, that will leave you speechless after a bite. The restaurant is pretty small but has enough room for large groups, so you would have to call and make a reservation to seat everyone.


2) Baco Mercat

If your guest are in the mood for a good sandwich, there is no need to look any further. Chef Josef Centeno creates a masterpiece using flatbread sandwiches called Baco. These aren’t your ordinary sandwiches because they are stuffed with all different kinds of meat, such as beef tongue and oxtail. While you’re indulging in a sandwich, make sure to try the vegetables because they are smothered in a sauce that amplifies the taste of normal vegetables. The environment is very laid back and group friendly, with nooks nicely arranged throughout the restaurant.


3) Republique

This restaurant is known for its French cuisine and its newly reinvigorated establishment that came about in 2012. This couple’s success in the food industry has been well noticed over time and now they are conjoining both of their businesses to make one. Republique, will be the main portion of the establishment, with Margarita’s desserts and pastries as an addition. Margarita’s bakery will consist of the common desserts you can find in any of her shops however, she will be adding a certain taste to the menu to cater to the California crowd. The environment of this place is remarkable, especially since the restaurant opened up four years ago.


You can start off with one of these restaurants to grab food and see for yourself how the food taste. In result, Los Angeles does offer more than just seafood, french cuisine and sandwiches, so take a look at some other options that you and some buddies can grab a bite to eat at here.