Alex Atkind

Alex Atkind was born and raised in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where he continue to live to this day. As a child, his home was a bustling and busy place between his parents, seven siblings, and grandparents. However, despite the noise and the nonstop commotion, there was one oasis in which he could consistently find peace – the kitchen.

Alex was always very close to his grandmother. Although he often felt lost amongst the many children and all their many needs, his grandma always seemed to know exactly how to make Alex feel important. As a warm and loving figure to the entire family, his grandmother excelled at filling their the home with incredible smells, delicious foods, and warmth.  It was through his incredibly close relationship with her that Alex’s fondness for food blossomed into a full-on obsession.

Once he went away to college, however, Alex soon found he had taken much of her wisdom for granted. That first semester away at school was nothing short of brutal, as the daily home-cooked delicacies to which he had grown accustomed were replaced with dining hall buffets and frozen foods eaten scalding hot out of the microwave. During the first holiday break home, Alex was therefore seriously motivated to learn as much as he could. That month cultivated some of his fondest memories of his grandmother, as she kindly and patiently bestowed upon him generations of family recipes.

As an adult, this love for food continue unabated. Alex Atkind has been fortunate enough to immerse himself fully into the food scene of his home city, as well as begin to dabble in the culinary community in other cities, states, and countries. Alex’s favorite cuisines often relate to some of his fondest memories, especially as pertains to travel.

The process of creating a meal can be arduous, detail-oriented, and taxing. However, there is little in this world that Alex believes is more rewarding than bringing different people together around the table to break bread – the age-old adage holds true for a good reason! Food has the power to be so much more than just a source of energy. Food hold memories, food can comfort, food can leave you in awe, and food can inspire. The most important thing is for the person preparing the dish to pour as much of him or herself into the endeavor. There is no substitute for joy in any kitchen recipe.