3 Recommendations For Dessert In Los Angeles

While enjoying a nice meal in Los Angeles, you may experience the urge for something sweet or commonly known as a “sweet tooth”. Los Angeles, has a ton of places that specialize in satisfying people’s taste buds , while enjoying the beautiful scenery and vibrant environment.


You can enjoy any type of dessert such as pastries, ice cream, gelato, pies, etc. Any type of  dessert you name, you can find in Los Angeles. To give you some suggestions and insight on a few places to enjoy a spectacular dessert, I have created a list of places you could check out.


1)   MILK

MILK  was created in 2007 and has a variety of desserts. Desserts such as, ice cream, milk shakes, and baked goods. MILK is known for their homemade ice cream used in their specialty and classic products. Some of there products are sundaes, shakes, malts, floats, etc. They are also known for their hand dipped butterscotch drumsticks, cookies n’ cream bars and macaron ice cream sandwiches. The luxury of MILK having a variety of desserts, attracts a large crowd of people. Although, there is usually a long line, the line moves at a decent pace. MILK stays open pretty late, so you can always enjoy a late dinner and pick up dessert on the way home.



2)  CottonHi

If you want 100% organic cotton candy, this will be the perfect place for you to go for dessert. You can enjoy cotton-candy ice cream, beverages and cake all in the same place. CottonHi popular desserts are there Hi CottonHI, Tiramisu and Mango Cheese Delight. Each of these products has a unique taste that will satisfy your taste buds and want you asking for more. Another great attribute about CottonHi, is it stays open Monday – Thursday, Sunday until 11:00pm and Friday and Saturday until 1:00am. So, if you have a late night craving for something sweet, you should definitely check out CottonHi.



3) The Pie Hole

There is nothing like a good pie to please your taste buds. The Pie Hole was established in 2011 after being built up for 6 months. Despite, being around for 5 years, they’re already leaving their mark in the dessert industry in Los Angeles. Using Fair Trade Organic coffee, The Pie Hole was able to create natural seasonal sweet and appetizing pies from scratch.  The menu does change depending on the season, but they do have their signature pies such as the Mexican Chocolate Pie, Mom’s Apple Crumble Pie and Maple Custard Pie. Lucky  enough The Pie Hole has two locations, located in Downtown Los Angeles Art District, and Pasadena on Colorado Blvd in the new ‘Indiana Colony’ artisanal food and retail community.


These three places are just a few options you can choose from to please your taste buds. If you’re interested in discovering more dessert establishments in Los Angeles, you can check them out on here.
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