The Best Food Trucks in LA

Spring is upon us, and that means that food trucks are coming back in droves. While winter can deter people from standing outside to buy their lunch, spring and summer make people want to spend more time in the fresh air. That is how lines in front of food trucks form. So, how do you decide which truck is worth the wait? Luckily, there are helpful websites like that have compiled lists of the food trucks in Los Angeles that everyone must try at least once. Below are my favorite food trucks from their list!


Any time someone says ‘Asian Fusion,’ I will come running. Kogi is no exception. This food truck doles out Korean fusion tacos, serving dishes such as kimchi quesadillas and a sriracha dessert bar that were revolutionary before the company appeared. With an online schedule, this truck is easy to follow and find.

Free Range LA

If you are looking for some quality food at a low price, look no further than this food truck. Serving only the best quality chicken and eggs, it is an ideal stop for those who love eating protein packed meals all day long. The fried chicken is especially delicious, and rivals that in most LA restaurants.

Super Tortas DF

When you visit this food truck, you will have to take a moment to revel in the sheer magnificence of the sandwiches it produces. They are the biggest cubanos I have ever seen, and they are packed with layers of flavor. This truck is well known all over LA for a good reason, so I would suggest getting there early to snag a cubano before the line gets really long!

The Urban Oven

If you’ve never had pizza wood fired in a truck, now is the time to experience it. This food truck carries around its wood-fired oven wherever it goes, meaning that each slice of pizza served is literally fresh out of the oven. The Urban Oven serves some of the most flavorful pizza in LA.


No matter what you eat for a meal, there will always be room for dessert. That is where Coolhaus comes in. This food truck specializes in untraditional, delectable ice cream sandwiches that are full of flavor. Some examples of the unique flavors they serve up are coconut negroni ice cream, browned butter candied bacon ice cream, and cream cheese and rye ice cream. No matter how full you are, I’m sure you can find room to indulge in one of these sandwiches!